Bridal Expo - Vendor Door Prize and Bride Incentive

Please fill in the form with give a short description of the door prize and bride incentive.


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1. Door Prize

Door prizes add to the festivities of the show and make the show a fun experience for the bride. (The more enjoyable the show equals the more services she will book from the show.)

Door prizes will be given away throughout the fashion show. The lucky winners will be drawn from our registration from the show. They will pick up a card on stage then come to your booth to pick-up their prize.

IMPORTANT: The door prize must be an actual prize or gift from your company and NOT a discount off services or package upgrade. They must be able to get a prize without having to purchase anything.

Examples of what other vendors have given at other shows include:
– Gourmet Kitchen Basket.
– Dinner for 2 at a Local Restaurant
– 16×20 canvas wrap.
– Large bottle of champagne
– featured floral centerpiece
– 3 Day 2 Night Hotel Stay
– 4 Day 3 Night Resort package
– Complete Wedding Floral Package
– Bottle of Merlot Wine
– Free Engagement Sitting
– Goody Gift Basket
– A complete DJ package

2.  Your Show Special or Offer to the Expo Brides

To give an incentive for the brides from the show to book you, we are giving all the brides a Vendor Incentive Sheet listing all the show experts with their specials for show brides.

This will include all the vendors contact info and your special offer to brides from the show.

Now, your Show Special can be your regular offer, incentive or discount that you give…

…but you want to include it here to give the brides an incentive to book you after the show.
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