More Brides for Reception Venues

Now You Can Use This Blueprint to Give Your Venue
an Unfair Advantage Over the Competition
…and it’s Practically Automatic

Good news! Thousands of couples will get engaged in your area area in the next 12 months. Shortly they will be busy searching for a trusted area reception facility to help make their dream day come true. In fact, while she’s searching, you’re hoping she finds you. You have the right venue, experience, expertise and exact service to make her day complete.

But quite frankly, here’s the question: With so many venues in to compete with, how do you showcase your venue and make it stand out?

Your Reception Venue is unique, different and special (and you’re damn good at what you do)…

… but your potential brides don’t see it that way when you’re biz is lumped in with all of your competition on the big corporate wedding websites like TheKnot and And even if she finds your website on “The Google” (which is getting harder everyday), it is still really tough to show what makes you a great fit for her.

You see, in our business you need to differentiate your reception venue in their eyes … and help them understand that you’re venue is the one they should choose for their event.

There is a “magic bullet” for showing brides your venues personality and why your location is better than all of those cookie-cutter wedding venues that she finds on the internet (no matter what the economy does)…

Are you ready?

It’s All About Getting Brides to Experience Your Facility and Wowing Them Live …That’s what having Designer Bridal Showcase is all about.

Simply put, in just one day, you will get in front of a flood of brides, their friends and family. This event will get brides to experience and see your reception site first hand and make a lasting impression.

With So Many Other Shows Going Off Why Should You Choose Designer Bridal Showcase?

Having produced dozens of highly successful expos, we know how to create an inviting atmosphere that inspires brides and helps you present yourself in the best of settings.

Designer Bridal Showcase takes special interest in promotion the hosting banquet facility with unwavering advertising. With lots of high energy, and high impact event our shows will attract audiences that can benefit your company beyond just the bridal industry!

Think about it: your venue can will be showcased and seen as one of the the ‘Best of the Best’ local wedding venues.

With Designer Bridal Showcase Running Your Show,
All You Have to Do is What You Are Good at: BOOKING WEDDINGS!

Here’s the quick facts about what Designer Bridal Showcase can do for your venue:
    • A proven track record with years of successfully filling venues with brides
    • Most Shows Sold Out of Bride Tickets and Pre-Registration was Closed
    • Total Bride Lists have been between 204 to 336 Brides!
    • All Vendor Spaces at each show: Sold Out
    • Full Bride List with Email sent to Vendors 3 Days After the Show
    • A+ Review Survey Ratings From Show Vendors That Attended
    • So much more than an expo, but a complete venue marketing program

Here’s the bottom line… having Designer Bridal Showcase produce your event gives you the chance to create a positive first impression. Show what you have to offer in person, establish rapport and build trust with brides that need your service.

It All Kicks Off With Cutting Edge Marketing

Over the years we have created a successful marketing formula to reach brides that really, really works. Dominating Google with Multiple Websites, Direct Mail, Mobile Marketing, Email, Social Media and lots of bridal media partners has helped sell out almost every show.

In short…

…All the bases are covered when it comes to pre-show planning and organization. Loads of “what’s working now” marketing tools are used to reach the hard to find brides that other shows simply miss out on.

What Other wedding Pros are Saying

Here’s just a few of the reviews from some of our recent bridal shows…
“I always have said that their shows are always the best shows.”
One of the biggest things is they have a unique system that no other promoters use that gets the bride to visit every vendor. And this give me a chance to make contact with all of the brides…while at other shows 30-40% of the brides bypass many booths. I couldn’t be more pleased.
– Daryl Hawk, Hawk Photography
“…our business has never been as busy as it was at your show!”
“We have participated in 9 bridal shows this season and our booth has never been as busy as it was at your show! I love your system…we were able to talk to almost every bride!!”
– Josh Lidsky. Wedding DJ, Mr. Music Man
“…we get an unbelievable amount of contacts “
At the shows we get an unbelievable amount of contacts. At each show we get about 30-40 orders – JUST AT THE SHOW!! It’s a very good experience for us. They’re easy for us to contact when we have questions.
– Marilyn Maughn, Weddings by JayMar
“…we booked 6 weddings, just from people that we met at the show.”
– Tommy Martin, Wedding Couture by Netmartin
“The TURN OUT!!!! WOW” We were so pleased with the turn out; now we just need to contact them all.”
-Doug McCall, Allure Bridal
We are excited about the prospects we were able to meet and the great response we received from brides to be for our offer. It was a great success for us.
– Sharon McCray, Honeymoon and Beyond
“The show was awesome, it was very well put together and lively. Great venue space, I would definitely attend again”
– Ryan Varga, Northwestern Mutual
“As far as I know, the traffic was amazing. I never stopped talking the entire time I was at my booth! It was a fantastic experience. I’m glad I did it. Looking forward to the next.”
-Randi Willman, Get Your Skinny On
Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT!”
“I’ve been participating in Bridal Shows for 23 years. CT Bridal Shows Staff are experts at putting on the BEST Bridal Show around! Best Vendors, Classiest Displays, A well attended show, Beautiful Gowns that even ‘fit’ the models! And locations where the food is delicious and appeals to all appetites. Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT!”
– Faith London, Mary Kay

Introducing the Secret Sauce for Venues: Venue Dominator Marketing Blueprint