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Facebook Success Strategies for Wedding Professionals

Are you wanting to bring in more fans and get better results from your Facebook page? Without quality, action taking fans, your wedding Facebook marketing strategies end up going nowhere.

Keep reading to uncover four ways you can increase the productivity of your Facebook efforts.

So how do you get better results from your Facebook posts?

For starters, Facebook results seldom happen instantly and unless you are a huge brand name –  patience, determination, and learning what works best are all required to generate a flourishing Facebook page.

There are unique actions you can take to build a more productive Facebook page. The following core tactics will help you improve your Facebook activity and turn your Facebook page into a home run.

By: Jennifer Morin
Thursday 10:16 AM

1. Wedding Pro Strategy #1: Keep it Fresh and Flowing

Have you ever seen this before? Visited a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated in months. Or maybe ended up landing on a blog where the last post was October 2010. Visitors will see this and click away in a heartbeat never to return. The problem here is lack of content.

While on the other end of the OCD spectrum is the person who posts a number of times each and every day, gladly usurping your newsfeed through their mass of posts.

On your Facebook business page one post a day at the most is all you need to keep your fan engaged.

Wedding Pro Facebook Tips

Keep it Fresh

To get the most reach from your Facebook posts, make sure that your information teaches, entertains and gives relevant wedding info to your brides. Doing this will pique her awareness and continue to keep them following you for more.

Next, release your tips and posts in as many places as possible. What this means is that you need to get your material online, and you want it to be viewed by as many brides as possible. While Facebook is particularly effective, don’t forget to put your on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and of course, your website.

[note color=”#fff9e1″]Quick Tip: You can also keep an eye on what other wedding experts are posting. If you notice anything that would be useful to your fans, post that content (and be sure to give them credit for it). Sharing posts is a good way to continue to increase the benefits for your followers while not having to constantly produce new tips and content.[/note]

2. Wedding Pro Strategy #2: Mix it Up and Catch Her Eye

The Next time you post think beyond the written word and mix it up with different types of media – photos and video. Use an image as the basis for your post or tip to catch your readers eye in their Facebook newsfeed.

Bridal Show Vendors Facebook

Use Images in your Facebook posts

Images stand out on Facebook and have been tested to be the best way to get your content noticed in the news feed of your fans. The best size for Facebook images is 404 x 404 pixels.
Don’t forget video. Every now and then upload a video directly to Facebook or add a link directly from Youtube.

3. Wedding Pro Strategy #3: Pin it Up – Pinned Post

Just what the heck is a Pinned Post?

Don’t let an important offer or message get lost in your timeline as you add new content. Pin a Post to keep in on the top of your page.

Wedding Expo Vendors Facebook

Pinned Posts for Wedding Pros

With this feature you can manually have a post to stay at the top of your Timeline, which means it will not go down the Timeline as you proceed to add more news, offers or tips to your page.
[note color=”#fff9e1″]Quick Tip: How to Pin a Post: Click on the edit pencil icon in the upper-right corner of a status update. A drop-down menu will show up, select “Pin To Top.” To unpin your message, simply click on the edit pencil icon in the upper-right corner of your pinned post and you will find the option to unpin the post in the drop-down.[/note]

4. Wedding Pro Strategy #4: Call to Action

So now that a bride or fan reads your post do not just let her leave your page never to return. Tell them what to do next with a “Call to Action”.

Start by asking people to LIKE or SHARE at the end of your post. Often simply inviting people to share your post will be the enticement a fan needs to take and click LIKE or SHARE. Once they share the post, it will go on further to their friends, thereby increasing your reach. This is one of best advantages of using Facebook!

Wedding  Professionals Facebook

Tell them what action to take next

Another excellent call to action is including a link to your website and telling them to “Visit the website for more” (include a link to your site).

[note color=”#fff9e1″]Quick Tip: Weather you are posting on Facebook or your website—posts will get far better success rates if they include calls to action, compared to ones not having them. So, all the more rationale to add them![/note]

Now it’s your turn to take action! Using these practices will help get improved results from your Facebook marketing. If you’ve used any of these techniques already or plan to do so soon, leave a comment in the below and let us know.


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