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On April 21st a packed bridal expo of brides, grooms to be, friends and family had a fun filled afternoon of wedding planning, games and prizes at the Hudson Valley Bridal Extravaganza.

By: Frank Calister
Thursday 2:52 PM

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In our bridal community, reaching brides at a wedding expo can be a powerful way to get bookings or a total money suck… all depending on how a wedding pro “works” the show… and with a very fine line between “killing it” or being killed by it.

Case in point…

On Sunday at The Meadowbrook in New Windsor we added to our outstanding expos by producing an expo that had brides swarming vendor booths from opening right up ’til it was time to start-up the fashion show and giveaways.

When the dust settled, multiple cutting edge marketing methods were used to pack The Meadowbrook “standing room only” with brides, family and friends. The list sent to our vendors after the event contained 187 brides to follow-up with.

And here’s the rub: while many wedding vendors know what it takes to turn their booth investment into massive bookings…

…there are others who are just not quite following a simple (but not easy) formula for expo success.

Quite frankly, there are just a few things that I see over and over that vendors drop the ball with. Here are 3 “thou shalt nots” for bridal show success: 

1. Chairs are not for sitting. When the brides arrive it’s time to get your tochus off the comfy chair and stand… yes, stand. The moment has arrived to be face to face with your new potential clients.

So, you can sit before the show… you can sit after the show… but when it’s showtime put that chair away.

The vendors that “get it” remove the chairs completely so that there is no temptation for staff member to park themselves for the event.

2. Tables are not for standing behind. Your table is for your display materials, handouts and brochures… it is not like a store counter where you stand behind it.

The successful vendors think of an expo as a networking event… they are out front and engaged, with a big smile all while making friends and showing interest in people gathered ’round. Stand up in front of or alongside your table. Be warm and genuine.

3. Bridal leads are not for ignoring. Remember, brides are there gathering brochures and seeing 40 vendors in just a few hours… she may not remember you a week from now. Add to that, she may not be ready for your service for months from now.

What to do?

The top wedding companies follow-up not only after the show has ended… they are persistent and keep following up until they either book them… or until the bride is no longer interested.

Listen – bridal shows are hands down the best way to reach your target customers – engaged couples. Starting with these basics will help with your expo success.

– Frank Calister
Designer Bridal Showcase
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2013 Hudson Valley Wedding Expo:

When: Sunday November 10, 2013 (12 noon to 4 pm)
Where: Palacio Catering & Conference Center
1700 Route 17M, Goshen, NY

Vendors: Pre-Register and Get Exhibitor Info HERE


I’d like to thank all of the area wedding professionals that showcased their services and helped make the expo a fantastic experience for the local brides.

Vendor Reviews


[quote style=”3″]Excellent show with tons of brides. Very pleased with the turnout. Well worth the money and we’ll be back again.

– Music Speaks Volumes


[quote style=”3″]Thank you for a wonderful show. The turnout was fantastic. Those in attendance seemed to be very interested, with wedding dates and locations already chosen. The atmosphere in the room was very conducive to communicating with prospective clients. I like that you saved a bridal fashion show till the end.
Thanks again[/quote]
– Bob, Elegant Images Photography


[quote style=”3″]Great show, was busy all day meeting and talking to brides[/quote]
– Dv8 Entertainment


[quote style=”3″]Another great show.[/quote]
– Bedinotti Photogrphy


[quote style=”3″]There was a crowd of brides. I was busy the entire show and even ran out of brochures.[/quote]
– Wishtree Photography


[quote style=”3″]I thought the set up was great. I liked the fact that brides checked in and spent time with each vendor. I think the games for prizes were a great idea and the brides seemed to enjoy them.[/quote]
– Wrappin n Mommy


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  1. Rose Marie Spatafore April 26, 2013

    I just met with the Grand Prize winners of the 5 Day 4 Night stay at the Brand New “Sugar Ridge” in Antigua and they were so excited about their Grand Prize.

    Making Brides and Grooms Happy is what it is all about.


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